Core business

 Our core business is to promote sales of products outsourced by our partners – pharma manufacturers. Marketing obviously means more than selling to us. We’re able to provide whole range of services necessary to get product to a patient, which includes regulatory support, logistics, pricing & reimbursement marketing planning & pre-launch, launch & post-launch marketing activities.

To promote an outsourced product
means for us to:

• Conduct marketing research
• Prepare a marketing plan
• Forecast the sales
• Suggest optimal logistic channel
• Promote the product on daily basis with competitive Share of Voice
• Registration Services – registration, applying for maximum prices

Models of co-operation:

Two models of co-operation:

A, VIVAX represents manufacturers exclusively as an exclusive market agent,
B, VIVAX takes over a product outsourced by a manufacturer, which has its local representation, but the respective outsourced product does not enjoy highest priority in manufacturer’s portfolio management, but it fits into VIVAX’s portfolio